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At Biocentis, we leverage on the latest advancements in genome engineering to develop next generation insect control solutions

Our technology is based on the release of insects of the target species that can reduce the size of the wild population by introducing via mating genetic traits associated with reduced fertility. These traits are self-limiting, meaning they only persist for a limited number of insect generations before disappearing from the environment.

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How does it work?

  • 01
    We introduce a specific modification into the genome of male insects of the species targeted for control.
  • 02
    We release our males into the environment. Males neither bite nor lay eggs, but they look for females and mate with them.
  • 03
    The female offspring do not reach adulthood, effectively reducing the size of the harmful insect population. The male offspring inherit the genetic modification for a limited number of subsequent generations. This ensures that they can continue the work.
  • 04
    The result of the intervention is a strong reduction in the size of the harmful insect population. If releases are interrupted, the modification gradually disappears from the environment.


“Biocentis was founded to bring about a paradigm shift in the way we control harmful insects. We are developing groundbreaking solutions with unparalleled efficacy, all while ensuring environmental sustainability and affordability.”

Andrew Hammond, PhD
Co-founder and Head of R&D

Our technology platform

Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our solutions are species specific, leaving beneficial insects unharmed and preserving the environment and human health.

Reversible and controllable.

The self-limiting traits that we introduce fade over time, providing a reversible solution that can be used over specific areas of land.

Effective and affordable.

Thanks to its multigenerational effects, our technology offers highly effective localized control at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.


We employ proprietary methods to ensure that our insects can be effectively reared and delivered at scale.


We target the most fundamental elements of the insect genome. Because of this, we can adapt it to control various insect vectors and pests.

Mitigates insecticide resistance.

Our technology works regardless of insecticide resistance and can help prevent the traits from spreading so that insecticides remain effective.

But that’s not all.

At Biocentis, we embrace the transformative potential of data science, and have a dedicated team actively exploring uncharted applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning across all facets of research and development, manufacturing, and field operations.

We believe that this will be crucial to further enhance our competitive edge.


“Our solutions will alleviate the burden imposed by vector-borne diseases, improve agriculture productivity, and reduce the damage from the use of traditional pesticides, addressing the agenda of a future green economy – a sustainable model that combines reduced environmental impact with significant improvements in the health and livelihoods of communities around the world.”

Andrea Crisanti, PhD
Co-founder and Lead Advisor