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Biocentis Takes the Stage at the NOAH Conference in Zurich

Giorgio Rocca, Co-founder and CEO of Biocentis, took the spotlight at the NOAH Conference, a premier industry event for the European innovation and sustainability ecosystem, featuring 200+ of the most promising and sustainable startups and held in Zurich on December 13-14, 2023.

Presenting as part of the Sustainability Vertical, dedicated to harmonizing farming with nature and supporting innovators driving efficiency and sustainability in agriculture, CEO Giorgio Rocca conveyed Biocentis' unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the insect control sector and promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.

"We extend our gratitude to the organizers of NOAH for providing us with a platform to showcase the groundbreaking work happening at Biocentis. With insect pests causing damage to over 25% of crops and invasive species threatening entire ecosystems, there is an urgent need for innovative insect control solutions. We firmly believe that Biocentis' technology platform can play a pivotal role in providing communities with environmentally friendly and exceptionally effective tools to tackle these challenges," emphasized CEO Giorgio Rocca.

Biocentis continues to spearhead advancements in insect control technology, addressing pressing global challenges and contributing to the promotion of sustainability.

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About Biocentis:

Biocentis is a biotech company and spin-out of Imperial College London who is re-imagining the future of insect control with a unique technology platform that combines environmental sustainability and unprecedented effectiveness. Biocentis wants to empower communities to combat disease-carrying insect vectors, protect crops and safeguard biodiversity.

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